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Our Story

Our Family & Cristina's Legacy

We were a very close family, you know, always eating together, and it was just the culture that was just a part of growing up in Mexico, you know, that environment, very close with the family part of who we are, you know. Even the meals we have la comida is like lunch time over here but it was grateful that every day we would sit down no matter how busy we were, and my sister would set up the table we would help serving, but through that, we would exchange how our days went and things like that, you know, growing up in that environment family without any question is the most important value.

It started with the desire to create something familiar, substantial, and lasting. And to us, that meant quality food and people. From the early days of Cristina's, our commitment has always been to blend those two elements into something special so that when you dine with us, you feel like you're getting the finest in Mexican cooking, you're at home, and you're with family.

When Arturo arrived in this country, he had very little in his pocket and worked tirelessly as a dishwasher and busboy. His love for the restaurant industry began while he was working as a hotel clerk as a young man in his hometown of Cuernavaca, Mexico. That's where he found that serving guests and making them feel at ease came naturally to him.

In October 1986, Tina's mom, Angelina, opened a small, 10-table restaurant in Eastvale, Texas. She named it Angelina's, and we worked tirelessly with the rest of the family to expand into two additional locations. We were eventually entrusted with owning and operating the restaurant in Flower Mound, and in 1996 we renamed it Cristina's, after one of our daughters.

Today, we are a 12-store restaurant group, with approximately 500 team members, many who have served with us for decades.

No matter how busy our lives get, we have always believed it is important to slow down and enjoy a comida casera a home-cooked meal together. We hope that Cristina's will be that place for you and your family.

It is a blessing and our pleasure to serve you. We hope to see you soon!

Arturo & Tina

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